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                                                                                                        Tampa Bay Florida

Wakeboard and Wakesurf School on a Private lake close to Tampa

Welcome to Tampa Bay's premier Wakesurf  and Wakeboard School. We work with all skill levels and ages of students. We have taught hundreds of people to  wakeboard, wakesurf or barefoot. 99% of our clients were able to learn to get up in their first 1/2 hr lesson. We also pull more advanced riders and help them develop as well.  We can accomodate large groups, six on the boat at a time while others watch from the dock.  We have perfect pass that will allow us to control the constant speed you desire along with 2200lbs of ballast for that perfect wake.  We also offer a barefoot boom, that is guaranteed to get you up on your first trip.

Must call to book a reservation.

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